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Reporting on Customer Feedback

Julie McClelland

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@Julie McClelland this is a fairly simple report. As you probably found the user comments (feedback) resides in the Request Feedback table.


The star rating however resides in Requests table so we would need a report that pulls information from both. For this we can no longer simply use the "Entity" report option, instead we need "SQL Schema Designer". 


This will give you the option to choose to pull data from multiple tables. This can be configured in the "Data Collection" tab. Tables we need are "Request Feedback" and "Requests". Select one at a time and add them one by one using "Add Table" button


No we need to configure how they work with each other. Click on the "Requests" table, in the list of added tables, this will open the configuration. We will JOIN these two tables using the configuration below. Click on + button, to add a JOIN criteria, then on <some table> to set up the JOIN criteria


Next, go to "Select Columns" tab and choose the columns you want displayed in the report. For example


Note: You can click on the edit icon in each selected column to change the column header name in the report (for example you might want to display "Request ID" instead of "Request Feedback-> Request ID")

Next, you can set up a filter for the returned data. The way I described the report a filter is not required as the main table we query is the requests feedback table. Obviously, if you have any additional filter criteria such as a date range or something else, this can be added in the "Select Filter" tab. You can also choose to display the results in certain order ("Select Ordering" tab).

All done! Run a Data Preview (click on teh tab) and see if you are happy with results. If not, and need more assistance let us know and we'll advise :)

Don't forget to save the report once the config is complete. You can also save it regularly while you set it up...


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I've found this post and I've built our report as per the instructions kindly provided by Victor. As we'd find this kind of thing invaluable.

However my reports do not contain any data I've checked the configuration can't see any obvious mistakes, that I've made.

Has any of the columns or tables changed since this post was added.

Also from the post it suggests you don't have to use the filter, of which I haven't in this configuration. Is this something that I do now need to do?

Any help and advice on this would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards




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Hi @HGrigsby and @Victor, I can confirm our report has been running successfully since setting it up with Victor's help earlier this year. I'm very surprised that the report runs as quickly as yours does. As mine does take between 3 and 4 seconds to run.

In addition I don't understand why when you preview the data it is there, and when the report is running the data is empty.

I do have a filter on ours, as per the screenshot below:


This is a custom filter. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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