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So a question i have tried to find elsewhere online is what volumes are the norm for other service desk teams (1st/2nd line)

We have 900 users , 5 Service Desk Analyst's closing both IR/SR
My top analyst closes 200/250 cases per month to my lowest analyst 70-100

I'm just trying to work out what others do so i can figure out the best target KPI number  to say they need to close per week/Month

let me know :D

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Just my 2 cents but;

I find closure stats largely useless at the analyst level.

Say analyst 1 closed 200 requests and analyst 2 closed 100. On first glance, analyst 1 has done twice as much work right? 

But looking deeper, analyst 1 has done 150 password resets and 50 add to security group/add to mailbox type tickets and 'worked' for only 15 hours this week. Analyst 2 has done all of the in depth fault finding/outside their comfort zone/difficult to resolve requests and spent 30 hours resolving tickets.

Now analyst 2 has done more work, even though he has closed less requests.

Plus there are other things which closures per analyst wont take into account, such as experience / willingness to have a go at something they are not familiar with.

Telling analysts they have to close 'x' number of tickets tends to result in people rushing to close requests rather than fixing issues and will almost always result in reopened/relogged tickets and a loss of reputation for the desk as users have to contact them multiple times for an issue which isn't a password reset to be fixed.

Give them targets as a desk. Under x% of SLA breaches / average of 4 star feedback / etc etc. 

Giving them targets only attainable as a team tends to result in a better functioning team as the work they do will impact the team objectives rather than individuals who are all about their own numbers and the hell with anything else.

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