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Here at Milton Keynes Council we've been looking at replacing our RFC system (sharepoint) with Hornbill Service Manager.

We've come across some obstacles and were wondering what existing 'tools' in Hornbill Service Manager we can use to achieve them.

Authorisers; we have  multiple approvers spread across 5 teams (total of 11 potential approvers), is there any way to send an email for approval to all but just log the first response from each team?
Is there any way to do this without allowing more than one approval per team?

Allowing the change requestor to update the RFC following implemntation without having to get onto the  Service Manager portal (via the Customer Portal only)?

Hope you can assist

Kind Regards
Milton Keynes Council

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@Rashid.Ahmed you can make use of the roles which you can set for those approvers. Then create approval tasks in the workflow based on the role. 

On 1/23/2020 at 2:56 PM, Rashid.Ahmed said:

log the first response from each team?

I assume you mean that you mean whoever answers first to the approval task can mark that particular step (or request) as approved. If yes, the you can configure the approval task with 100 weight for each approver this way any of them will set the full weight required for the approval to go ahead. Hope this makes sense. 

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