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User notification configuration query

David Longley

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I want to set up a role whereby our IT manager can see all tickets which is logged in the system but does not want to receive emails each time a ticket is logged? currently i have to add him as a member of all support teams but he does not want to receive the emails informing him when a ticket has been logged.



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@David Longley - If the user does not want to recive certain notifications then the user can disable/enable thse as needed for the user profile: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/My_Profile_Settings

On a side note, I would advise posting similar queries in a more appropriate forum section otherwise the query might be answered with delays or missed entirely as it won't have the right audience. This query is more suited for Service Manager or Collaboration section, as opposed to Business Process Automation section.

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Once the user configured the notification, they will stay in place as long as the user does not change them. Disabling guest.app.requests.notification.allowUserDefinedNotificationType only prevents the user from accessing the notification configuration, it will not change any existing notification configuration.

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