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Allow editing for customer feedback in certain scenarios

Alberto M

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As suggested by @Victor, here is one situation where, from time to time, we needed to UPDATE a request.

We have active the star rating and questions in customer feedback for requests but, from time to time, the customers make mistakes on providing feedback. The most usual situation is when the customer gives 5 star rating but they answer all the questions (we have 3 questions) as "very dissatisfied".

Once the feedback is provided by the user, it can't be changed but, when we realize that this contradiction appears in a request (5 star rating with 3 very dissatisfied answers), we double check it with the customer and the customer always accepts that he/she made the mistake. 

In this situation we used to UPDATE the answers for what the customer wanted to answer.

Now, with the limitation introduced by ESP Build 3237, we can't do this anymore.


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  • Victor changed the title to Allow editing for customer feedback in certain scenarios

As @Alberto M has outlined we too have the situation where customer gets confused and feedback needs to be corrected.

Perhaps the option here is to allow as user's to change there feedback score through the portal and the change is recorded on the timeline as an audit? 

@Alberto M

Out of interest are this internal customers using the Service Portal or the external one using the Customer Portal?



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I'm looking into raising a change that will allow a customer to update their previously submitted feedback.  This will most likely have a setting to control if this is enabled or disabled across all requests to begin with.  I'll update this post with any progress of the change.



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