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Auto Allocation Disqualification Period

Foley Coker

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Hello Team,


I want to inquire on the specification on how the system treats automatic allocation when offline users are disqualified. I currently have the setting for the round robin allocations to not include offline users. However i am getting reports of users being assigned requests days after they have logged off the system i.e. during the weekend, or on off days. 

Is this affected by single sign on status? as in if they log off the laptop does that still leave them logged into hornbill but inactive. due to potential manipulation of work allocation, we are avoiding releasing further information about changing their status to any off the other categories such as do not disturb etc.. which the wiki  says is also classifies as offline. 


Many thanks.


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@Foley Coker

We use the Round Robin auto assignment, but do not use the offline option. What I can confirm is that irrespective of whether they are online or offline, a Hornbill status of anything other then 'Available' will mean they are not included in the assignment process.  in our case our analyst have learnt very quickly to ensure set their Hornbill status properly.

In relation to you online/offline issue, are any of the users using the Mobile App?



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There is a setting that allows you to specify the amount idle time before a user's session is closed.  The default is 8 hours.


If a user was to logout of Hornbill using the Logout option under the Profile menu, their session is immediately ended and they will be considered offline.  Each interaction a user has with Hornbill using any client will open another session which will either be timed out after 8 hours or closed immediately if they use the options to Logout.  You can reduce the session idle timeout number, but keep in mind that if you have users that come into Hornbill only a couple of times through the day, they may find that they have to provide there AD credentials a bit more often than normally. 

The availability option Do not disturb doesn't have any impact on the session, so with this set, the user will still be classed as on-line, but not Available.  

I hope this helps.



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Thank you @Martyn Houghton & @James Ainsworth

This is extremely helpful. I think we will have to release more information regarding the statuses and assess through management observation of the dashboards, i.e. equal allocation of work. I will speak with out Lead on Hornbill here, in regards to possibly reducing the idle time, but you are right it may cause more hassle for users than benefit. 



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