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No possible to translate Regexp validation message


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We use several custom forms in our progressive captures.

If I add a regexp validation to a field there is no way to display the validation error message in the customer's language. There is no translation function.

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hi @HHH

I just did check and regex translated errors are working like expected.

Here is how I did it:

1) pickup language you want to edit
2) enter translated message



As you can see I'm testing here if user enter digits, if it fail it disply error in proper (user session) language.


Let me know if you did it.

Thank you,

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Thanks @Miro there was just no visual que whatsoever that the field could be updated, the default text was there and not greyed.

Could some kind of visual feedback that the current language is not filled in be added (emty, greyed or whatever)?

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