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Error: Cannot read property 'Start' of null

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

I am trying to add a change to the calendar using variables from a task but keep coming up against this error: 


The BPM looks like this:


And the task setup like this: 


Add to calendar node looks like this:


I am supposed to be presenting this this afternoon so any help to resolve will be greatly appreciated (as always)

Edit: I added the 'Get request info' after the first failure in the wild hope it would work. There was no change (to be fair I didn't expect there to be)

Cheeky tag: @Victor

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@Victor, yep that was it. Missed one :( 

I was going mad trying to find it lol. 

Now the only issue I have is when the workflow jumps a phase, the stage checkpoints don't line up with the phases:



So in the screen shots 'Assessment' has been skipped but the stage checkpoints remain under 'Implementation'

'Implementation's checkpoints are under 'Review' and the ones for 'Review' are missing altogether...

I have refreshed the page (and the cache) with no fix :( 

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