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Custom Field 31 data

Paul Alexander

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I have a problem which I think is similar to the one outlined here: 


I have a ProCap which should be entering data in to custom fields 30, 31 and 32, but when I look at the database, these fields are not being updated, so the email that I'm trying to send which relies on this data is reading incorrectly. 





Is this the same problem as reported in the (other linked) request, or am I doing something wrong please?






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32 minutes ago, Paul Alexander said:

the email that I'm trying to send which relies on this data

Bearing in mind this comment, the first thing I would do would be to make that field mandatory - looking at the field settings shown it is possible that the Request was simply raised without a value being entered into that field.

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Hi Paul

My issue was I didn't seem to be able to branch on a decision node in a BPM using these custom data field values - however I was unaware at the time that fields 31-40 are just text fields (unsure if this had any bearing), so I have swopped these custom data values to a VarChar instead and the issue went away. I am unsure if anything was written to our database at the time so would have to let someone else comment further about you being unable to see any values being captured.

However, it does make me wonder though if that was why I had problems branching on a decision node using these fields, because if the value is not being captured in the database, I would guess the BPM would try to make the decision, and find no value to branch correctly on?

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