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Nick Brailsford

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I am attempting to create some reports that display requested / resolved within sla by sites for both incidents and requests with some graphs, as a way to show what each site is raising and how well the service desk are at resolving them against SLA 

It would be great to show this graphically 


Could you help please?





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Hi @Nick Brailsford

There are many reporting options in Hornbill and I would advise watching our Reporting Webinar to get a feel for some of the options available if you havn't already done so, to get some ideas. 

However as a simple starting point, have you tried the Personal Dashboards that are available as part of your Request List Views?
By setting up a simple view with the criteria you require (for example in the scenario - Request Type is Incident or Service Request, Within Resolution SLA = True) you can the create a Chart/Graph and choose a further piece of criteria to provide some grouping (in this example, the Site). 
The nice thing about this is that the charts can be drilled down into - so you can click on them to directly be presented with requests that have been represented in the chart. 

Here are a view example screenshots:












I hope this helps - more information about Dashboards can be found here: https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/My_Dashboards

Kind Regards


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