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Enhancement - Auto save BPMs/PCs

Dan Munns

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Can we have the ability to set an auto save timer on both PC and BPMs please? 

And also to utilise the browser function to confirm you want to leave the page. 

So many times I have been working on something and click back on my mouse by accident/have someone showing me something and just left click a bookmark rather than middle click/had the browser crash/random error/network issue and ended up losing a load of config.

I do try to save little and often but sometimes when I am 'in the zone' I forget or I get caught up in something else and forget. Today losing about 40 minutes of work due to a browser issue and being 'in the zone' was the last straw :angry: I cant even remember all the changes I had made so no doubt this new iteration will be unique again.

I know that some of these issues are self inflicted but auto save/browser confirmation would stop me throwing my laptop out of a window as least (maybe)....

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@Dan Munns,

I have added in a default 2 minute auto save. There is also a new admin setting where you can set it. 0 = disabled and any other number is (n) minutes. The setting is called "admin.feature.workflow.autosaveinterval" and will be available in the next server release. Until then the workflows will use default 2 minutes. This feature will be available in the next admin release.


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