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In App Reporting

Darren Rose

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Hi Darren,

I would like to know more about what reports you are trying to achieve.  I'm not sure I completely understand your question about copying the default reports.  The default reports are provided as a starting point for many other reports using the criteria build and report options.  So, in a way, every time you make one configuration change to the default report, you are creating a copy of that report and putting your own twist on it. 

It might be the case that you have an idea for a new default report.  We would be happy to hear about these.  If there is a new default report that would be beneficial to have, we can always add it.  

We now have 4 levels of reporting.  

1.) Basic request list exports and request printouts - provided for individual support staff or team leads managing a queue of requests

2.) Standard Admin Reports - for the data miners and SQL knowledgeable users that want to build and create more specific reports

3.) Analytics - again, possibly for the more technical mined user, but provides trending information needed by managers

and now

4.) Service Manager Reports (aka In-app Reports)

The drive behind the Service Manager reports is to take all of the difficult table look-ups and joins away from the user and package these as default reports.   This opens reporting up to users that don't have the SQL know-how or the time to build these.  This can be a great tool for managers looking for statistics.  This reporting also considers the security context of the user.  They can only report on what they can see, unlike the system reporting in admin.  Anything that can't be achieved here, there are two options; the first is to ask us for a new default report and the other is to go up a level and build the report in the Standard Admin Reports.  

Looking forward to hearing more of your ideas



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