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Agent display name

lee mcdermott

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Is there anyway to change the agents display name without affecting their display name while using service manager?

I have found that by changing an agents Handle will change the name displayed in the chat session.


However this also changes it in service manage so on all logged requests is also display  this. We would like a more informal first name just for the chat session i.e. first name only.

But this doesnt work in service manager as if we have multiple people with the same first name it is not obvious who it is by just seeing their first name displayed





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Hi Lee, 

Thanks for your post.  The Handle (display name) is primarily used throughout Hornbill and isn't particular to Service Manager.  Service Manager does use the display name in many places and changing the Handle will also update workspaces, timelines, conversations, and many other areas.  

I think that an option would be needed that is specific to the Chat application where the chat window could be set it to use the first name, full name, handle,  or maybe even an alias.  I'll put it forward to the development team as a possible future option for Chat.




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