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Enable Notify Customer - not sending email when applying updates

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I have started testing the function to allow us to send an email to the Customer whenever there is an update to a request. I have set this up on an internal Test Service I have created, enabled the Action option to turn on send emails on the Service Portfolio screen, and then updated guest.app.requests.notification.emailTemplate.customerTimelineUpdate with a new template I have designed.

However, I have tested this against a couple of requests and no emails are being generated out to the Customer when an update is applied to a request. I am wondering if this might be affected by the fact we have 3 mailboxes, and I can not see anywhere to specify which mailbox this outgoing email should utilise?

I wanted to get this function up and running before our final Site is on the system which will be next Wednesday.

Any advice appreciated :)


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@Adrian Simpkins is there a mailbox configured on the service or a mailbox configured on guest.app.requests.notification.emailMailbox app setting? The email to customer for request updates will use either the mailbox configured on teh service or, if non there, will use the one configured on the app setting.

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