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Wrong translation in the PC


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Hello Support,

Can you help me here. I cannot find where the wrong translation comes from?

Vorname? Abteilung? Anfangsdatum? has nothing to do with the English Questions?

This is very confusing for our help desk and costumer.



Switch language German:  


Switch language English:



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Hi Nikolaj

Thanks for your post.

Within the progressive capture designer, when you have a custom progressive capture form you can adjust the different language options for label for each field.

You can toggle between different languages using the Properties Language pick list.  As you switch between languages, you will see that the Label field may change if someone has entered in a translation.  If you wish to remove the German translations, you can simply select the German Language and remove the entry in the Label field and it will revert to the default English label.

Hope that helps.




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