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We currently have a scheduled task triggering an asset import from SCCM to HSM every two hours between 08:30 and 20:30 (seven runs) M-F.

We have recently stopped populating "h_owned_by" from the AD 'username', disconnecting the link between SCCM and the Owner field within the Service Manager asset record and we now need to clear out the existing data ahead of it being populated via a separate mechanism.

What is the best way to achieve this, it would only be a one time activity? I'd like to use the Database Direct utility but am mindful that it can be very 'destructive' as well as having a row ceiling:

select * from h_cmdb_assets
where (h_owned_by is not null and h_owned_by <> '')

update h_cmdb_assets
set h_owned_by = '' 

where (h_owned_by is not null and h_owned_by <> '')

Any advice would be appreciated.



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