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Implementation of 'Wait for New Request Update' node

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The current 'Wait for Request Update', is only applicable to the first update made to the request in its lifespan. If the suspend node in is used in the BPM process after a single request update has already been made, it will not suspend. As such, support confirmed this is working as designed, so is only really useful for pausing new requests at the beginning of the workflow.

Therefore this is a enhancement request to provide a new suspend option 'Wait for New Request Update', which will suspend the node at any point in the BPM and irrespective of whether there has been previous request updates and await a NEW update being made.

As with the other suspend nodes, this should also include the expiry period option.



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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @Martyn Houghton

Yup...that sounds like it's exactly the same problem. As mentioned in my request there IS some investigation ongoing about creating a new node which WILL wait for a NEW request update.




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