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Incident/Service Request Updated


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We would like to send updates to Customers and Support staff (internal only) showing the last update details rather than using the link to the update. Can anyone tell me what the update variable would be.

Example email below:-


Dear {{Customer Contact.H_firstname|empty}} {{Customer Contact.H_lastname|empty}}{{Customer Coworker.H_first_name|empty}} {{Customer Coworker.H_last_name|empty}}

Your {{.H_requesttype}} with the {{Team.H_name}} team, reference {{.H_pk_reference}} has been updated with the following:

{{Update variable unknown as yet}}

Kind Regards



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Hi 7oaks,

Thanks for your post.  I don't believe that there is a variable available to show the last update text which is displayed in the timeline.  I'll pass this onto development to see if there are any options to allow this to be provided.

While this may not be ideal for your scenario, there can be some benefit to having the user become accustomed to accessing the portal.  There can often be other information  displayed that may be of value to the user.  



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