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Priority date incorrect


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Setting up Service Manager still and Priority 4 = 10 days. When calls are logged and this is selected it allows 24 days to complete the call.  P1=P3 are all set to 5/10/20 hours and working correctly.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated. 

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We've changed it to 9 days and got the result below. This is based on our working week which is 8.00 - 5.00 but its not picking that up.

It sees 9 days as 12960 mins instead of 4860 based on the working week


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Hi @7oaks, the system is calculating your target based on working time hours as specified in your working time calendar. To help convert working days into working hours, you can use the sheet attached and enter the values into your targets accordingly.

An example of this can be found in the wiki extract below: 


If you have a target that you advertise as 5 calendar days, you need to determine what this equates to in days, hours, and minutes in relation to the hours defined in your Working time calendar.

1) Begin by multiplying your target (in calendar days) by the working hours set in your working time calendar (your working day) i.e. 5 x 9.5. Now divide the result of that by 24 (i.e. (47.5)/24) which gives your Hornbill target in days (i.e. = 1.98 days).
2) You place "1" in the field representing "days".
3) It's then a case of working out what .98 of a day is in hours – which in this case would be 24 x 0.98 = 23.52 hours.
4) You place "23" in the field representing "hours".
5) Finally, we then need to get the minutes from our answer of 23.52. Therefore, 0.52 of an hour is 31.2 minutes (i.e. 60 x 0.52 = 31.2 minutes).
6) You place "31" in the field representing "minutes".

Therefore the target of 5 calendar days based on a 9.5 hour working day equates to 1 day, 23 hours, 31 minutes.



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