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call logged and resolved emails coming from wrong email box

Anthony Albon

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When I log an incident call, the email comes from the @live.hornbill.com email email address rather than the new mailbox I have set up and specified as default under the service settings. If I update a call then the update goes from the correct mailbox but call logged and resolved emails are coming from the @live.hornbill.com address.


Any ideas? Is there a way to specify the new mailbox as a blanket for everything maybe?




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Hi @Anthony Albon,

Could you update "guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain" application setting with the desired Domain and give it another try?

You can update this setting via the Admin Tool (https://admin.hornbill.com/[YOUR INSTANCE NAME]/> Applications Tile > Hornbill Service Manager Tile > Settings Tile > Filter by "guest.app.requests.notification.emailDomain" ).


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@Martyn Houghton @Ehsan @AndyHill

ahh ok, i had validated the process but not published it. Thanks guys. I published it and now the initial incident has been logged email is coming from the correct mailbox.

However when I go into the incident as an analyst I get an error : No matching GotoIf found. Does this mean that there is something wrong with one of the decision points in the process? Not sure how to track it down..

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@Anthony Albon

In your process, there must a Decision node. The above indicates that there was no matching branch in the Decision node. The stage at which the process had failed should be visible in the HUD (the top of page when viewing a Request).


There is some information on the Wiki below:

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Hi @Anthony Albon

Does the error display a canvas id something like "decision-c771de13"

if you then go in to your BPM and click on a decision block there his an option to show the canvas id(top right corner within the block options). form there you can match it with the one from the error by clicking on the other decision blocks. 


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