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Replying and forwarding emails from mailbox -

Adrian Simpkins

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Our analysts have highlighted an issue when working our incoming emails in the inbox.

If you select Reply the email trail is not included in the outgoing email, however if you select Forward the email trail is included.

Ideally we want the original email trail to be included into the outgoing emails when selecting Reply - is this possible? I had a look at Settings in case there is something I need to turn on, but could not locate anything.

Many thanks

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins,

This is a feature that is turned off by default and you can turn it ON in two ways.

1. To all users with an application setting: Admin Tool > Applications > Collaboration > Settings > look for "app.view.email.reply.includeOriginalMessageText" and set it to ON.

2. When you reply a message, click on the quotes icon, that will insert the original message.


This was added to reduce the amount of text delivered each time you reply.

Hope it helps,


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