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Report - date Prompt

Gemma Morrison

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I have tried to run a report on a date prompt range however, when the report has been completed after running it shows all records from that date range to present?


The only thing I can think of that is affecting the data would be because I have changed the category name, however I have included both within the filter.


Has anyone got any ideas on why this might be happening?


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@Gemma Morrison Hi Gemma,

Are you referring to the standard reporting (In the Admin Tool under Applications -> Service Manager -> Reporting)?

If so we may move this to the reporting section of the forum.
But could you send a screenshot of the filter criteria please?

Also can I confirm you have fully run and downloaded the report and the data is incorrect? (I’ve know that sometimes if just checking the Data Preview, it can show slightly incorrect info)

Kind Regards


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@Gemma Morrison first... running reports on Christmas Eve? :) ... second your filter is not designed correctly to achieve what you need... it does not take into account operator precedence... enclose the OR statements in one bracket (both)... meanwhile I’ll try and find the forum post where I explained this in detail

EDIT: on a second look the criteria is not straightforward so let me have a more in depth look to see how they need enclosing... 

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Ok so, I think what you need is the category criterion enclosed in one bracket:

(category = movement of items Collection OR category = movement of items Logistics)

and then date resolved and status criterion in another bracket:

(date resolved = user prompt OR status = resolved, closed)


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Hmmm... still? Ok... Might be that last OR... because of that it will bring resolved and closed since for ever... (just resolved and closed)... I think you need an AND there otherwise your date prompt won’t do anything for resolved and closed requests...

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