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Incident Assignee Role, assinging all Incident Assignee users a task in my activities

Adam Toms

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Good Morning,

I'm after some guidance regarding the Incident Assignee role in Hornbill. We have a task called triage actions, which is to be completed by our Service Desk in hours, which worked fine. We then ran into a problem with our Out of Hours staff, as they weren't a member of the queue, they couldn't complete that activity.

It was identified that by granting all support staff the Incident Assignee role, they would be able to complete any Incident tasks/activities assigned to that role regardless of which support queue they were a member of.

We have now found by assigning 145 users to this role, that everyone who has this role gets notified of an activity to complete in their my activities pane in Hornbill Service Manager.

As our Support Staff will only be interested in the ticket that they're looking at and working on to complete this task, is there anyway of removing this from the activity pane?

Many Thanks


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Hi @Adam Toms

When the task has been completed (by any of the Incident Assignees) this task should disappear from ALL of their side bars atuomatically. 

In the situarion you have described, the best solution is to create a new Assignment Role called "Service Desk Assignee" (or something like that) and allocate that out to all of the Service Desk users AND the out-of-hours users. Then set this role as the Assignee of your "Triage Actions" task in the BPM. 

That way you can separate it from everyone who is an Incident Assignee so only the relevant people get notified, but they can all still complete it. 

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards


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Hi @Bob Dickinson

Thanks very much for your response on this. Much appreciated.

What we may do, as there will be no other tasks as far as Incident Management goes, is reduce the members currently assigned to the Incident Assignee role, to those members of Staff in the Service Desk and On Call.

Many thanks again for your help with this.

Kind Regards


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