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Adrian Simpkins

Maximum number of assets in an extracted report

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Hi All

We have an error on our asset import which means we have a large number of entries created incorrectly - currently asset total is almost 40k ! I was trying to extract all data to put into a spreadsheet to analyse further, but it appears I can only extract at the most 25k records in one hit. I did try to amend the maximum allows on api.xmlmc.queryExec.maxResultsAllowed but this will only set to a maximum of 25k even though the message seems to indicate I can increase the maximum here?

Is there an easy way I can extract the records at all please?



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Hi Adrian,

There is the Data Export tool which is described here.  I'm not sure is this too would have the limitation of the number of records, but you may find that there are more options to let you get out what you need.

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