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Raise New button errors out

James Gallally

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I must have done something (for the life of me I can't remember what) so that when I click "Raise New" 284283594_2019-12-1716_27_11-IN00000133-Hornbill.png.cde9d3eb75ca2bd90eced9d9d61c3547.png (or select from the drop down "Incident" etc) in  Hornbill Service Manager I get the following error :1474722806_2019-12-1716_08_33-RequestList-Hornbill.png.553dbc4f1945f0a9e336c21e9d023659.png and nothing else on the page.

When I log in as the system admin account I am able to raise tickets and basic users are able to log calls through the appropriate service portfolios/catalogue items so I haven't broken things completely. My account has the following roles:

Board BPM Access, Self Service User, Advanced Reporting Admin, Asset Management Admin, Collaboration Role, mailbox, Services Manager, Incident Management FullAccess, Admin Role, Service Desk Admin

Any ideas?



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Hi James,

The vm.backButton looks more like something we do in the backend for providing translation strings.  I've seen this before when a page doesn't completely load. In my case it was because of a network connection issue.  Maybe start with just making sure that your browser cache is cleared and see if it persists.  

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