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New ITOM Package - Hyper-V

Steve G

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We've just released a new package to the ITOM Package Library: Hyper-V

The package contains the following operations that can be performed against VMs hosted on your on-premise Hyper-V instances:

  • Start VM
  • Stop VM
  • Suspend VM
  • Resume VM
  • Restart VM
  • Save VM
  • Checkpoint VM
  • Remove VM Snapshot
  • Enable VM Resource Metering
  • Measure VM

The package will be available to install from the all-new Package Library, when this hits your instance later this week!

If you have any questions, or suggestions of additional operations for this package, then please let us know here!



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We've just released an update to the Hyper-V package, which is available to install or update on your Hornbill instance now!

The following are the new operations in this package:

  • Set Memory
  • Set Processor
  • New VHD
  • Get VHD
  • Add VHD to VM
  • New Network Adapter
  • Move VM

The operations are documented on the Hornbill Wiki



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