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exporting daily data extract to Qlik


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Hi Guys - im a total novice at this side of things so, but can anyone point me in the direction of how i can setup a daily data export to Qlik - https://www.qlik.com/us


ive seen we can setup web hooks, but im unsure if its what im looking for, as im just looked for an extract to feed data to qlik once a day? and webhooks seems more about an action or process being triggered by a process?



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HI @Gary@ADL,

I've not used Qlik before, but you can use the Hornbill Data Export Tool to export data. Basically the tool will run a report on your Hornbill instance to collate the necessary data, wait for the report to complete then pull the report data CSV down to the machine that the tool is running on. You can then import the CSV data in to Qlik.  



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Hi Gary and Steve

I have searched all across the web and I am finding it difficult to find help on integrating Hornbill and Qlik.

We are looking for an automated solution to bring Hornbill data into Qlik so we can show the data in a QlikView dashboard.

What have you tried Gary?


My two thoughts are:

1) Webhooks
The webhooks could work and give us a http:// link access to the data and QlikView can read this data.

2) Qlik generic web connector and Hornbill HTTP GET request might work

Qlik generic web connector
Hornbill HTTP GET request


Thank you


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Hi @ssam


from memory we achieved this by a combination of things - we use the extract tool that steve linked above to pull reports from hornbill. but we found we cant schedule these often enough for a "real time" data feed, so we used a robot (uipath), to run the report at interval we choose (currently every hour), then Qlik picks up this file as a CSV



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