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Timesheet Updates - Page timeout

Joshua T M

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Hi All,


Another odd bug, as a senario -


A staff member is working on an issue and is on the phone to the customer and has started a timer as part of an update having already selected the category.

This update remains open for roughly an hour and a half whilst the staff member constantly updates the text in the update field. 

The staff member ends the call with the customer and stops the timer, then clicks "Post".


The update is posted however the time is not added to the timesheet.


I see this as potentially being a timeout issue of the page or the category being lost and not being cached with the text and therefore when the update is posted the time is not logged in the Timesheet.

Has anyone else seen this or would have a chance to test this?


Subsiquently if the user refreshes the page manually, the text in the update is saved but the timer is not and is reset, if the user manually enters this time and posts it is added to the Timesheet.


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