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Allow inventory to be added by AD alone

Dan Munns

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Can we have the machines in inventory able to be added via AD even if they are offline? 

When adding machines from my test OUs is tell me how many are in there (correct), fails a few DNS lookups, fails ping on others and then imports the rest.

Anything which is not on the network fails to upload anything into inventory.

As we would be likely to do discovery scans once of maybe twice a day at the most, being able to add the machines and then pick up the remaining details when they are next online would be hugely useful. 


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@Dan Munns Currently, as part of discovery, we are doing more than just checking that the computer is on the network. We are also querying it via WMI to ascertain some detailed information about it (hardware, operating system configuration and installed software). If we can't connect to the computer, we can't determine this information, so we don't add it to the inventory.

However, I can see the benefit of having a computer in the inventory, even if the detailed information is incomplete, so that it can be the target of automation jobs at a later date and we can then update the inventory as and when the computer is available.

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