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Add node to set visible stages

Dan Munns

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I know we can skip un-used stages in the BPM and it sets them hidden, I however would like to go one step further and add a node which you can set the visible stages manually. 

I am combining a number of our IT Change Control processes into a single form and BPM but I dont want to have a lot of un-used stages shown until the very end.

If the user selects Normal Change in the PC it would be useful to use a node to only show the Normal Change stages right at the very beginning.

We have a process for emergency/normal/standard changes (same stages) but also for scripts/server decommissioning/firewall changes/server builds/logging changes with 3rd parties

Although they all fall into the emergency/normal/standard change types the actual work behind each type is vastly different so being able to show/hide stages in this way would greatly help.

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@Dan Munns

Being one of the people that defined our BPM architecture, I would suggest this is not a great idea. The nature of what you are asking suggests that you have multiple business processes that share some common elements, but that, IMHO is not a good reason to try and create a mega-do-it-all process, the main reason being as your processes evolve you will need to make changes, and its highly likely that you will in the future make changes that inadvertently affect other processes.   My suggestion would be to not do this and instead build separate processes, even if there is some process design duplication.  Much easier to maintain, far more future proof, and good protection for individual processes in the aftermath of future process changes.  

For these reasons I thing we will need a lot of convincing to add this capability. 


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