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+1 - you can use some extensions (if ur ur using Chrome, edge or edge chromium for example) but sometimes it doesn't have the intended effect or makes it worse (you will likely have to configure the settings until they suit you) - but to have a Hornbill default one would be a plus.

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22 hours ago, Daniel Dekel said:


I can understand this could be a cool feature, but I doubt we will have time soon to deal with this.

Sam suggested a Chrome plugin, a few colleagues at Hornbill are actually using it and it looks like is doing a good job so far.



I will try some of the plugins, but couldn't seem to make the body of Hornbill dark, just the different tabs.

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Nighteye is another (https://nighteye.app/). I found that DarkReader caused issues with a few sites (including Hornbill, browser developer console will show you any issues. It even blocked a couple of websites from allowing me to log in) so I (sadly) had to replace it.

Nighteye says there is a paid version and the 'free trial' expires after so long, but here I am using it for 6 months and no loss of functionality due to lack of payment. 

It also is a lot nicer to the BPM GUI than DarkReader (totally dark background makes reading things a nightmare, especially with the grid enabled, Nighteye just changes the colour temp of the white to make it easier on the eye.)

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OK, now that you mentioned Dark Mode, I started testing and it could be done. Most things can be converted, the problem is all the small individual styles in specific views in apps. So you might have a nice style until you find a white background.

I'll have a chat with the application teams and see how they can deal with this... so... maybe... not promising, but I'll give it a try ;-)


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