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URGENT - System outages logs


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Hi, Can anyone advise how I can see the systems availability on a given date or range of dates? We have an issue that the auditors are investigating and need to demonstrate availability (or not).

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the post. Status.hornbill.com (which you should hopefully be subscribed to - link at bottom of that page), shows all outages\performance issues or unexpected downtime for all data centres. If you look at the graph you can drag a particular date range to see any non 100% (would indicate a problem at that time). Unfortunately, there is no other searching within that page and you would need to scroll through by date to find previous issues. 

If you have subscribed you woiuld get an email each time the status changes which could then be kept by yourself to show auditors in future. 


Kind Regards


Keith Stevenson

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