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Put request on hold when email is received


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We would like to put existing requests on hold based on the subject line of an email from a supplier. Is this possible to achieve within the Business Process please? If not, please could we request this as an enhancement?

I've seen the 'Wait for Request Email' option, but this seems to be for when an email is sent from the request, and not the other way around. Any help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

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8 hours ago, Alisha said:

The email that we receive back from the supplier could happen at any time between receiving our initial email and resolution.

Thanks for the feedback Alisha.  With this in mind, any solution would have to sit outside of the BPM.  Possibly some interaction with the sub-statuses where you have one set to With Supplier which puts the request on hold.  An Email Routing Rule could look up the text in the subject line, but just not sure how we trigger the changing of the sub-status.  We have Routing Rule template for new requests logged by email, maybe a template for automatically updated requests by email.  Possibly not something we could deliver in the near future, but I'll check into the feasibility of it.




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