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Activity permission behaviour has changed?


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Have there been any recent changes to how the activity permissions work? Our analysts can no longer complete tasks that have been assigned to another team. 

This has been working for us for a number of years by assigning a custom role which includes the Advanced Request Task Completer permission.

The activities in the request view which are assigned to a different team show the hyperlink on the activity name (and the 'complete' tick box) but clicking on it doesn't do anything i.e. it doesn't open the task dialog

To clarify, we have the app.experimental.advancedRequestTaskCompleter setting enabled, Incident Management Full Access or Service Request Full Access role (or a custom role which includes the Advanced Request Task Completer permission), the analyst is a member of a team that does support the service the request is logged against - but can only complete or view activities if they are a member of the team the activity is assigned to.

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@carlt no changes that i am aware of, i've just tested this and it seems to be working as expected for me (i.e a user with the role and the setting enabled and the same conditions as you have mentioned).   

It might be one for you to log with support, so they can take a closer look at this for you?  


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