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Searching all requests with freetext entry

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

On the old SupportWorks we could freetext search all requests to find a specific word or value. However, this 'across the board function' does not appear to be replicated within Hornbill, so my question is how would I search all requests to find a specific value contained somewhere within a request.

For example I have searched for a Purchase order number which would have been recorded in the Update Node (I have access to all team queues), but I have not been able to find the associated SR request where this text has been captured.

Our procurement team will get confirmation via our purchasing software that an order is complete, but as we are unable to store the Hornbill SR number in said system, we only have to Purchase Number available to search against, and when entering this it does not appear to find any requests.

So there will be occasions where we may not know an SR or IN number, or the Customer name and will need to search all requests using another value.

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins the update text would be added to the timeline as a post on the request so the Timeline search should return a match, if it is not then there maybe something going on with this.   

In my example below, i am searching the timeline and finding matches 


Clicking on the result shows me the update text where the match was made in the timeline



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