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SQL errors when logging new tickets


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Hi Guys we are repeatedly getting red SQL errors when we are trying to raise tickets, we have not changed our workflow,


this has been happening since Monday - please can this be resolved ASAP, you don't get the full details when you click full details either I don't think.






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@Gary@ADL Looks like the user has an apostrophe in their name causing this issue. This is something we fixed recently and will be made available in our next major build, sometime next week.

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we haven't added any new users in though who have an approstophe, one of our bosses' names  has an apostrophe (his last name is O'Connor), but again we haven't changed our flow code at all I dont believe, and he has been on the system since day 1?


please can you be a bit more specific as to when next week? when we get these issues (intermittent since at least Monday) we end up with half logged tickets which we then have to delete, and then re-log the ticket, so its quite disruptive.



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