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Service Domains vs Service Categories


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Good morning,

I appreciate the new Portal is pending, and I'm glad to hear the obvious effort into making it robust.

However, I have a question about Service Domains and Service Categories and their relationships to Services in the new release.

We're redesigning our service catalogue (I mean the actual catalogue, not it's presentation in SM) but would like to mary this to the structure in SM.

From what I've seen there are a few possible options, is anyone able to shed any light?


1) Service Domains top of the tree, categories are associated to 1 domain, services to 1 of those categories. (Or domains and categories reversed)

2) Service Domains and Service Categories are peers, with services associated to both 1 category and 1 domain

3) Something else.

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@davidrb84 thanks for the post. 

In regards to the structure of the new Service Catalog

1. You will be able to utilise / edit / remove default domains, and add your own

2. Inside each domain you will be able to create domain specific categories

3. In Service Manager, and ultimately any app (future), you will be able to assign a Service to a Domain (1) and optionally a Domain Category (1)

When using the new employee portal, you will be able to create Domain specific pages, and on those pages add widgets which can for example have options to filter the content based on Domain and in some cases Domain Categories

* If you think a Service Widget on an IT Domain page  maybe filtered to only show IT Domain Services, or Possibly only Hardware Category Services in the IT Domain

* Or on the company landing page, you may choose to show a Service Widget with no domain filter but only those services from across the domains which are marked as favourite services. 

* Or a request list widget showing all or Domain specific requests 

I hope that makes sense. 

We are working towards an announcement of an webinar for the preview of the Employee portal in the same vein as the recent ITOM webinar from earlier this week.  

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Hi @Steven Boardman that is fantastically useful thank you!

I don't want to ask too much, but I'm interested in how the service domains/catetgories will be presented in the main ticket raising interface. The Service Picker element of the PCF makes categories available currently, not sure how that would work with the changes you've described.

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