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The INability to see all support tickets for an instance

Trevor Tinsley

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As Hornbill was down once again this morning (on a hat-trick for next week) and with a service management colleague yet to arrive on site, my A/L was interrupted as I needed to provide some support.

After checking the community forums I raised a support ticket (delayed by needing to reset a password) but unbeknownst to me my colleague had arrived in the meantime and done likewise.

I received a confirmation of my support call being logged, followed shortly afterwards by a further email advising that my call was a duplicate of my colleague's. My ticket was then marked as resolved (with no resolution information), although as I am unable to view my colleague's ticket, you have effectively failed to provide me with any support or details of the nature of the outage.

As you seem unable to allow all users of a specific instance to view all support calls pertaining to that instance this sort of call management is ridiculous. Would you please either address the issue of viewing all instance incidents or have the courtesy to provide support and feedback for all support calls raised?


Trevor Tinsley - Financial Ombudsman Service.

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Hi @Trevor Tinsley , firstly I apologise for the inconvenience caused to you and others affected by the outage this morning, especially anyone else who also had annual leave disrupted. In respect to the this particular question, it is possible to view the support requests across the organisation in the Customer Portal and this is outlined here:  https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Contacts#Customer_Portal . Obviously, in this case, the setting is on our very own Customer Portal and so it is our configuration that needs to be changed. We provide access to see each customer contact's own requests by default, but change this to provide a broader view when asked for by the appropriate authority. That said, you should now be able to see all the requests raised for your organisation. Please do get in touch if you would like other nominated contacts to also have this ability.

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