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update catalog items

David Longley

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Hello, i was wondering if someone can tell me a way in which you are able to change the catalog item mind way through an active ticket?

We currently use a self service portal which is broken down by specific service. if a customer selects the wrong catalogue item which will then log a ticket, we want to be able to change that catalog item and set it to the correct one. This is so that we can accurately report on all tickets.


Please advise?

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Hi David,

The challenge with changing the Catalog Item after the request has been raised, is that along with a Catalog Item are Progressive Capture workflows that collect information about the request may be different for each Catalog Item.  The information in the Progressive Capture may also be used to drive the BPM workflow.  It might be set in the Catalog Item which BPM to use.  If more than on Request Catalog Item is using the same BPM, then there may be logic that is used in the BPM that depends on the progressive capture questions.  

We have had a few customers ask for this requirement and we are still thinking about the best way this can be delivered, without leaving the request in a state where progressive capture questions are no longer valid, it may be running the wrong BPM, it may have the wrong Service Level Targets applied to it.

What we do have is the ability raise a linked request.  The benefit of doing this is that the information from the original request can be transferred over, the correct Request Catalog Item can be selected and the Progressive Capture questions answered correctly and the correct BPM and Service Level Targets started.  You can then cancel the original request.  Meanwhile, keeping a record in the Timeline.  While this may require a few extra clicks up front, the workflow and timers will all be correct for the remaining part of the request.


If there are particular Request Catalog Items that are often being raised incorrectly, maybe you could use the Info Message for the top of the form to make sure the user is clear about what is being raised, or even provide a question that they have to answer to confirm that they have the correct Request Catalog Item. 

Let us know if this helps



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