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FAQ - Translation of FAQ changes "Default" language

Joshua T M

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Hi All,


We have noticed a bug when creating translations for our Default English - British FAQ.

When the translation is saved (French, Arabic, Chinese) it causes the default FAQ language to be backwards translated and changed.


For Example - A change was made to the Chinese translation, causing the default FAQ to be changed to "2017 year" rather than "2017" and "twenty one" rather than numeric "21". Changing the Chinese translation did not affect any other FAQ's aside from the default.


Please let me know if this is by design or if the default template should not be amended when making changes to other translations of the page. If you require further information please let me know!


Josh M




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On 12/6/2019 at 8:07 PM, James Ainsworth said:

Hi Joshua,

There has been a fix completed for this issue which you should see in one of the upcoming Service Manager updates.  Keep an eye open for the release notes. It is likely to come out after the new year.



Perfect, will keep an eye out. Thank you.

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