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Martyn Houghton

TOP 5 Organisations Logging requests (external) - Data Query -

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We are attempting to setup a Widget to display the top 5 External Organisation for the last 12 months based on call volume, but struggling to be able to get external organisation name.


With the following Filter





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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Unfortunately there is not much we can do at the moment in relation to this specific mapping. But I'm pleased to say we have very recently released some functionality to accomodate exactly this scenario - so to be able to convert the widget labels into their user friendly names - e.g. to be able to show User Handles in place of User IDs/User URNs, to be able to show Team Names in place of full Team IDs etc. 

This can be accessed from the Widget Settings area:



Organisation Names <> Organisation IDs is not one that has been added as part of this first iteration of this functionality, but I have requested for this to be added.

Kind Regards


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