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Replying to Emails


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I hope that this makes sense.

Would be an easy thing to add another option for emails in the timeline, so if there is a email associated to a request you can click the 3 dots and choose reply to email. This then allows you to reply to the email that the customer has sent with the original email trail included?

As currently if you email from the system it is a 'new email' that is sent and if you are referencing something previously mentioned you need to copy and paste the email into the window.

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Hi All,

We've spotted this too. We've found the work around to click on the dots view email, and then if you hit forward it contains the email chain, and then reply from there.

I appreciate we might not want to include the email chain on all emails, but would it be possible to make this a bit neater in a future release?

Many Thanks

Adam Toms

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