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LDAP Upload question

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Hi All

We currently have 3 separate Active Directories syncing into our one instance of Hornbill, until such time we have one common AD across all our Sites.

Now we have 3 different naming conventions used for each site which is causing issues when our Customers are searching for names within the tool.

Site 1: Firstname Surname so Adrian Simpkins

Site 2: Firstname.Surname so Adrian.Simpkins

Site 3: First Initial Surname so ASimpkins

I wanted to ask if it is possible to set a common field on each AD import where we can search for Customers using one format i.e. Surname Firstname ? If we are able to do this I presume Hornbill will still know the full account details behind the name (email etc) and this would not impact any other features?

In the interim I have inserted some wording to guide customers on how to search dependent on their Site, but this of course is not ideal

Many thanks !

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