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How to turn on "Automatic Backups" for Basic Users


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Hi All,

I would like to turn on the "Automatic Backups" for Basic Users, but when I go to user's profile the "profile settings" are unavailable. I was expecting to see a cog symbol like for Standard Users. How can I turn on this option? 

Many thanks





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9 hours ago, Daniel said:

I was hoping that it will resolve the "disconnection" issue as per the attachment

Hi Daniel,

There won't be a relationship between the automated backups and a user being disconnected.  There is a setting for a timeout after a period of inactivity by a user.  

The default for the session timeout for Basic Users is 900 seconds.  If your users are experiencing these disconnects on a regular basis, you can always increase this number.  I would recommend keeping it within reason so that there are not large numbers of inactive sessions in play.  



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