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Customer Feedback without login

Prem Prakash gautam

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I would like to have a report or tags on the emails so that I can track it.

For Example: If someone has moved the email to a specific folder or someone has deleted it, I should be able to see who has done it.

This can be done either by any tags which we can put on that email or I need to know if I can extract a report for this.

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Hi @Prem Prakash gautam

Sorry... I was a little confused between the title and your question.   As far as the tracking of emails, we don't currently have anything that tracks movements or deletions of emails.  The events are captured within the log files, but these log files are not permanent nor can they have a report generated from them.

Did you also have a question about Customer Feedback without login?   As Hornbill is a secure system, there is a requirement for uses to be authenticated.  If SSO is enabled, it can automated the authentication as it will use Active Directory Services to handle the authentication.    

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