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Creation of scheduled tickets

David Longley

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@David Longley there is another option 

You can have a request which is running a process, and in the process it is using the Raise New Request bpm option.   

You can have this process running in a loop something like follows:

Start > Raise Request > Human Task (set to expire 30 days for example), task could have outcomes which end the process (as a manual exit point for you), but if it expires > then loop back round

If you needed to do this weekly etc you can change up the expire period, and if you wanted to do this daily you can use the options to check the current day (ibridge > Utility) options to not fire if it is a Sat or Sunday etc

Just some other options in the UI to consider

I've included a process def for scheduling daily incidents

Note of caution, using this approach just be really careful with your loops, so that you don't end up without an expiry period, and so it ends up in an infinite loop of logging request after request after request - this applies to the request process you use to schedule the new requests, but also be sure not to immediately invoke a process on the new request which does the same :)  


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