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BPM Log New Incident

Paul Morrow

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Been trying to setup Business process where a decision is made on the ticket type that has been raised. If SR the process carries on, if IN it should Log New Incident.

I get no errors but a new Incident with all the details copied to it never ever gets created. What am I missing?


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Hi @Paul Morrow

I believe you need the service defined in there, you could also use the 'Copy Service?' option at the bottom of this list if you want it to stay the same service, but I believe you need this defined. This screenshot is from an example that works:



The stage checklist error could be from mandatory checkpoints not being ticked - double check that any mandatory checkpoints in the process will always be hit no matter which branch the workflow takes, and any checkpoints that may not be hit then make those ones optional. 


One other thing to double check - is the Incident option turned on for the service you are trying to log this incident against? In the service config there is a switch at the top of each call class to set whether tickets can be logged as that type for each service, like this: 


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