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Suspend - Pending Customer Response Confirmation

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In many of my business processes I have a suspend function pending customer response which is due to automatically close as resolved after 5 days. A new requirement has arisen whereby we have been requested to, notify the customer once with the option to respond after 7 days as an example but then a secondary mail after 3 days saying that the call will automatically close.

Please could someone advise on the best way to achieve this?

Many thanks


Annotation 2019-11-26 125516.png

Annotation 2019-11-26 125516_2.png

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We have been implementing something similar but putting it on hold rather than resolved.  The way we have approached it is to send the email as 7 days, but suspend for 4 days, then on expiry send the 3 day email then suspend for 3 days. If the request us updated within the first 4 days it loops back so the 3 day email is not sent.

As we have found out, you have to be careful with the suspend nodes and any decisions after them to ensure you have got the correct/up to date values for your decision nodes, as due to non-sequential updates to the request.




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