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Attachment upload issue

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Not sure if anyone else has this issue but I have noted that when attaching documents it does not seem to register the 1st upload, then if you try again both documents are showing? We are seeing some requests from our Customers where they have uploaded the document up to 3 times due to this issue - screen shots below show a test call where I add one document, it does not appear to register (even though green text indicating uploaded) so I try again, and then 2 copies of the document appear? Not a major issue but frustrating for our Customers when raising a request

Thanks !


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Hi James

Sorry, just saw reply :) we are planning to update the instance this week, so I will check and see if this issue persists after the updates.

As a side note, I am also seeing some email updates to requests where it is not loading the attachment to the request - is this also linked to the pending updates perhaps?


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Hi Adrian,

It is difficult to say if the updates would help either of your issues.  There are always a number of fixes and changes with each update so making sure that you are on the latest Service Manager build can help with possibly fixing the issue, or identifying that it is still a current issue. 

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