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DocManager roles are nested?


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I thought that DocManager roles were nested to the highest access so that you only needed 1 role?.. but when I took away DocManager Library and left just DocManager User, my users say they get an error editing their documents so I had to add DocManager Library back. Do users need multiple roles?

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Hi @Joe

Docmanager User role should give you the ability to view, upload, and edit documents

Docmanager Library User role give you these ability and the ability to create and manager libraries

So you users should be able to edit documents with just the Docmanager User role, what error were you getting?


Trevor H

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Ok, so they are nested (if that's the right term) and you don't need both roles, just one or the other. 

Error attached but apologies I can't remember exactly what I did now. It may be that I removed DocManager User on the assumption that DocManager Admin would be enough as above.

Can I assume the same applies to Asset Management User and Asset Management Admin i.e you don't need both, just one of them. Cheers.

Editing document error when DocAdmin reoved.jpg

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The Docmanager Admin role is a special roles that gives access to docmanager Admin interface (in the admin tool) and is only really used for reassigning ownership of libraries and documents so you would need a document manager user or document manager library user role in addition to that admin role

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